Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Good Friend Is A Treasure

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter, he who finds one finds a treasure." - Sirach 6:14

I often take comfort in certain Bible verses, and a few find their way back into my mind over and over again. The one that I have mentioned above is one of those repeating sounds in my head. It is also a favorite verse for me and my long-time friend, M.

However, this verse actually applies to all my friends. It popped into my head after a wonderful surprise chat this morning with my dear friend, Louise, from the best ever blog: Coffee and A Cardigan. If you have not visited it yet, hop on over there now and explore the funky fashion of an amazing woman!

Dear readers......you must forgive, and simultaneously realize, that I digress a lot throughout my posts. Which, if I remember, I'll try to remedy and ask forgiveness. =)

The point of this whole post was just to share with you how wonderful and true that Bible verse is! Lou and I have been on opposite sides of the continent for the past (forever!) years, and are therefore hardly ever able to chat due to time zones, and yet this morning we chatted over Gchat for just a few moments and it was as if all the years just dissolved into air and we were back together again at college, talking face to face over tea. *blissful sigh*

People often ask me why or how I spend so much time on FB(can't wait for Lent to be over!) and I always answer simply, "Because I can connect with most, if not all, of my friends." They look on it as a chore, and it is a bit of work, but would not you work to upkeep a shelter to keep it sturdy? To keep jewels polished so that you may wear them proudly? to work well for good wages?

I'm not trying to say I'm so great. I'm just saying I don't look on it as taxing to my strength. Rather the opposite! I get such an energy from people being happy around me that I yearn for time and conversation with friends. And let's be honest......I have the best friends. Sorry all you who are not me or do not know my friends. They are the most amazing and unique bunch of people. I am so blessed. Thank you all for your friendship!

It is also sunny today, which ALWAYS adds to my enjoyment of life. I never used to like Spring all that much, but in later years it has opened up to me quite a few different aspects that I find charming, that I never realized before, or maybe just took for granted. I love the bright, crisp sunshine, not quite as hot as summer, or brisk as fall, or glaring as winter......just bright and happy and new. And, while I may bemoan it most days, I do find the changeable wind that can go from soft breeze to tyrant storm in a few short hours to be quite fascinating. And throughout all of that, everything NEW. New flowers, baby animals, leaves, plants.....everything seems to get a new outfit or rebirth in Spring.

And so dear readers, I will leave you for today. For the sun is beginning it's descent and I still want to go enjoy a bit of it! Thank you for reading (and especially for commenting!)!!!

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  1. Gosh, now tears are in my eyes. I am just so grateful to have you as my dear friend... till death do us part!