Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok, God, Ok.

Ever have those Meg Ryan days?? More specifically, those Meg-Ryan-in-You've-Got-Mail days? Well, in case you are completely flabbergasted by this idea and have NO IDEA what I'm talking about.....allow me to explain:

To be Meg Ryan, you must have an optimistic view on life and be somewhat happy-go-lucky and cutesy. To be Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, you must be the above with a little something extra: having your parade rained on. A specific scene comes to mind: Meg Ryan is in bed with an extreme cold, while her store is being crushed by a corporate giant. When she thinks life can't get any worse, who shows up on her doorstep but the one man who has single-handedly taken her down.

I don't know how that really applies to me, except that my allergies are acting up, making me all sniffle-y and sneeze-y and that just makes me think of Meg Ryan in that scene. That, and the fact that I wasn't able to rent a car today, a fact which supplied the necessary depression. Also like Ms. Ryan.....I came out on top. Not *quite* with the guy, the love, and all that jazz.....but at least with a way to continue on to St. Paul and with my sanity intact. =) Enter my GODSEND: My sister, Christina. She has been my angel of mercy and without her, I would be.....a disaster, alone in Chicago. But who really thinks this post is about anyone else but me?? So back to yours truly and my pathetic attempt at a move.

I'M OFFICIALLY OFF THE WAITLIST AND CAN START MY PROGRAM THIS FALL!!! I am BEYOND ecstatic!! Apparently God just wanted to see if I was truly serious about this PTA business or what.

So, Chribber's computer is about to die so I have to sign off for now. Cheers faithful readers!!! May God bless you wherever you might be and in whatever you are doing!