Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Break:Best Friends EVER: Memories

Dear readers,

while i could possibly attempt to explain the total and complete awesomeness that was my break and are my wouldn't even come close to the truth. the truth is....that on New Year's Eve, as we celebrated the entrance into a brand new year....i found myself almost as if i were looking in through a window at my friends celebrating, and the thought of how blessed i was to have such friends and to actually welcome in the new year with PRAYER, led me to tears of joy and thanksgiving. so much so that i had to remove myself for a few moments to recollect. so, now hopefully you can see how i am utterly unable to recount such a trip in a narrative, and must only post these pics that come as close as possible to capturing it all. to all of you, my friends and family: i love you dearly. enjoy.

ok. so my computer is being stupid. pictures will follow. i promise.