Friday, April 06, 2012


"Fear is the original sin."

This quote is from one of my favorite books, Blue Castle, by L.M. Montgomery. I have thought about it a lot, and every time I think about it, I agree with it more.

Every day we are faced with little fears: "Do I have enough time?", "Does my outfit look ok?", "Did I pack enough food for the day?"..........and on top of those daily little fears sit larger, more overwhelming fears: "Will I be able to make rent this month?", "Did I choose the right career/vocation?", "How do I balance life?", etc. You could replace these questions/fears with any others and I think they would all boil down to one, big question: "Am I enough?".

I believe that God created us out of an overflow of His perfect love. There is also a saying, that one of my professors loved, that "everything is gift". However, even if you believe in the Big Bang Theory.....we would still be made from an excess, leftovers from an explosion. With that in mind, my question is "How can that which is, by very definition, an overflow and gift and extra, even be considered in the same realm as 'enough'?" When we consider ourselves, our society, our all be 'extra'/'gift'.....then the word "enough" ought to become an absurdity. And hard we try to convince ourselves of it's plausibility! We, who are supposed to be rational beings, spend the majority of our time trying to make an absurdity a reality. And yet, time and time again without becoming weary, God reaches out to us in love when we have fallen from despair and eliminates our fears as He whispers to us: "My beautiful one, YOU are precious, unique, and I love you with an unending love."