Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Request; An Answer; Reprimanded?

Dear "blue view" readers.... *insert princess wave*
Alas. if only it were so. Today finds me more of a Cinderella back at her workplace after the ball, than a Princess. *sigh* life's funny quirks. To stop beating around the bush....here's the scoop: this past wednesday thru sunday were amazing.

no, i'm serious.....AMAZING.

first, on wednesday, my dear friend Marissa Mayo(whom i haven't really hung out with in 2 years!!) flew into Dallas. she arrived around 9pm, which promptly became 4AM before either of us were in bed. totally worth it, btw. anywho, then on thursday night, my darling friend Catherine Graveline(whom i couldn't do without) flew in and we spent yet another late night catching up. AGGHHH!!!! the catastrophe of graduating college and moving on with your life is that there is just SO MUCH to catch up on when you DO actually get to see your friends! you go from telling them all the minute details of your humdrum daily routine to overall big events that have formed your life thus far. not cool.....not cool. but necessary, unfortunately. however, i digress.
The whole reason that both girls flew in was for miss Katherine Bugos, now Fugikawa, 's wedding!!! we drove up early friday morning and picked up Jacob and Mary Blanchard on the way. WHAT A DAY! we arrived in Oklahoma(and yes, the winds really do SWEEP down the plains) at Bugos' house just in time to catch the end of the Greased Hog contest. i have no idea, so don't ask. we stayed there for a little while, while also meeting up with even more Ave people, old and new. or should i say MI and FL? whatever....

anywho, from there we progressed to our hotel where we were all pleasantly surprised that it was ALOT nicer than we were anticipating. and now i can truly boast that i stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. *hehe* then it was time for the bridal party and family to go to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner while us non-bridal guests did whatever we wanted. i think i napped.;-P
Friday evening was the girls-only, "intimate apparel" party. and that's all i'm gonna say about that one. another late night and then it was the BIG DAY!!! the cool thing was that the wedding ceremony wasn't until 7pm, so we had literally all day to chill and get ready in a very relaxed way. i did Katherine's nails and ended up doing 4 of the 6 bridesmaids' hair. which turned out very nicely if i do say so myself. everyone thought i should go into cosmotology....who knows? it might just happen....i really do have so much fun doing hair. alas...i digress yet again.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and everyone just looked lovely and sooo happy! and i had an amazing new dress which, can make any event more fun!(see facebook.com for pictures) the wedding was small but it didn't seem small because the majority of people there were Ave-ites. just like old times. the DJ was very good, quite possibly one of the best i've seen at weddings. the reception ended at midnight and we then took the party to the hotel conference room(it was more like a small party room) and ended there somewhere around 2:30 or 3am. when all's said and done i had more wine than i've ever had, followed by about 3 mixed drinks and my body was so thoroughly exhausted from dancing and the previous sleep-little nights that i didn't even make it into my bed. our room had a couch where i collapsed and didn't wake up until early the next morning just in time to get my stuff together, say hurried goodbyes, brush my teeth and take off. needless to say, my liver was screaming at me because i had forgotten to drink water before i collapsed. not a good idea. but at any rate....it was amazing. i got to see so many faces that i haven't seen in 2 or 3 years! it was just like a mini my-class reunion....*sigh*..... fantabulous.

anywho, that's not where the story ends. it is, rather, just the beginning....

the real story was when i woke up this morning(Tuesday) and was reprimanded. oh the shame. not that it was my fault in particular....but nonetheless...i was ashamed.
Wednesday day, before Marissa came in, Ruthie(the lady i take care of) wanted to change the dining room tablecloth and put on a nice asian runner for our guests. so we did. well, yesterday morning(monday) Ruthie choked a little on her cereal and ended up spitting it out. all over her runner. which, i was informed today, cost them $1,000 and is pure silk imported from Asia, directly. oops? yeah. i felt so... little. i mean, i couldn't know that she would choke and spit out her food(she's rarely choked that much), but i should have had the sense to move the runner out of her eating area. dyoi! i'm so oblivious. then they have these non-stick pots and pans that can't be stacked upon each other and guess who stacked them without knowing that? yessir....that would be yours truly. so at this point i am feeling VERY humbled and a little worse for the wear...when he stops. *phew!* boy, was i glad to have that over with! i mean, he wasn't blaming me, but he was just letting me know for future reference. i, with my oversensitive guilt complex, just felt really bad. anywho, the request was from Emily Herbel for an Update....the answer is above, and now you have the Reprimand. my time is finished.
in other news.....life is good. although i could always use some prayers. and pray for Megs and Brigid too because this week is their hardest week in their Junior Poets class and they're pretty much going crazy.
and to all of you who have my cell number.....feel free to call!!! i usually have lots of down time and would LOVE to hear what's going on with you! i miss you all dearly and can't wait to see you again! with much love....i'm outtie!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Picture Fest

My Mom andBrothers....
The divas...
my goofy niece...
tooo much '80s i'd say....
it's called the princess wave, people.

WOTD: Propaedeutic

hello all!
the Word Of The Day: propaedeutic • \proh-pih-DOO-tik\ • noun : preparatory study or instruction.
i thought this was SO suitable seeing as my job is a propaedeutic to marriage and raising kids. "How?" one might ask....well, i spend my days catering to the whims(and they most often are whims) of a woman. don't get me wrong....i absolutely LOVE my job and what i do. it's just that i was thinking about it and, because of circumstances being what they are, Ruthie has become alot more childlike in her needs, thus putting me as her caregiver into role of mother.
Not that i mind.
However, it has given me so much more respect and admiration for the role of mothers. Readers: you need to call your mother right after you read this and thank her for all that she has done. i mean, just think about it good and hard.....what exactly has your mother given up, gone out of her way for you?
this past week has been a doozie. it never rains, but pours.
how true.
On Monday, Charles messed up his knee(or rather, his knee is messed up from something that happened 40 years ago in the military). at any rate, it started acting up again. On Tuesday, it was Charles' and Ruth's 36th wedding anniversary(WHOOHOOO!!) and Charles' knee was worse. which ended up making me the chauffeur for the evening. and it's not that it was awkward or anything....i had just woken up that morning with a sore throat and just frankly didn't want to go out to dinner with them. now, here comes the mother part: i did anyways because they needed me to, and i knew how much Ruthie wanted to go. and let me tell you.....sacrifice is HARD, dang it! but it ended up being fun and they really appreciated it, so i guess it was worth it. well, Wednesday my sore throat had turned into a full-fledged cold, and today, Thursday, Charles went and had an MRI done on his knee and my regular cold turned into a head cold. and so i leave you with one question:
If you HAD to pick one or the other....which would you choose: runny or stuffy nose?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my AMAZINGLY ADORABLE neice...Evelyn.

my ridiculously goodlooking neice, Evelyn, and nephew, Josh. what more can i say? good genes must run in the family. :-)

enough said? i think so. she's a keeper, i think. :-) that last one is quite possibly my absolute FAVORITE.