Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Are you kidding? I go to Ave Maria College! One does not get overwhelmed there. What? you haven't heard of it???'re not really alone. see those other people over there in darkness? they haven't heard about it either. why am i rambling on?? well, SOMEONE has to do the dirty work......"whatever, I went to college"....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Tribute, Part 1: Ave

Dear readers, in the past few weeks a subject constantly on my mind has been my beloved Ave. clarification: NOT the hellhole that i reside in currently. No, the REAL Ave Maria College. that wonderful institution that brought so many awesome people together and crammed them into the fishbowl of Ypsitucky. that beloved place where endless good times, laughter, insanity, smokers, and freaks all combined to make it what it was. maybe it was just an ideal, a figment of all of our imaginations. yep, i think i'll go with that. it's easier.:-) anywho, just so that i don't get too serious on you, i'm gonna stop now and let you enjoy the visual feast below.

these are the GOOD times to remember....speaking of which....i had a dream. i know i're excited and of course i'm gonna tell you ALL about it. it was wonderful. it started out with me going to EMU's cafeteria (ohh...the memories!) and all of a sudden i saw the 2 Nicas that i was in Austria with, so i got really excited and went to go say Hi and catch up with them. and then all of a sudden i was looking into the gym and there was all the Ave people who have gone down to florida over the years and they were playing Red Rover. (my favorite childhood game) and i got REALLY excited then and ran to say hi to Dags and Abigail and Marissa and Ann Gagnier and everyone! it was AWESOME!!!! and then, all of a sudden it was like i was surrounded by Ave: Past and Present....everyone who had ever gone to Ave before was surrounding me and i was SO...... Content. and then i woke up to a full day of classes and a paper that's due tomorrow night and not nearly even started. but the memory of that dream.....MAN! is gonna carry a long time in me. anywho, it was very weird, but completely awesome. Good Luck on your papers!!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Just call me Joanie!

well, so i know i haven't updated in awhile.....oops. ya'll just need to get used to it though, but thanks for the "friendly" threats. :-) anywho....let's see what i've been up to since i last wrote....oh yes, THE FORMAL!!! (please see above) more pictures soon, i promise, as soon as ms. laina gets them uploaded to her webpage. oh my word!!! what can i say to describe how marvelous it was??? let's just say that it was very worthy of a senior formal....i LOVED it!
anywho, on to other after the formal is blissfully stressful. but at least it's the right kind of stress(school) rather than the wrong kind(everything else). ok, so i'm completely having a brain fart right now and can't think of anything interesting to say!!! arrghh!! how frustrating! fun news....matt ryan is back in town for the weekend and joe bambenek just had a birthday yesterday and easter is only a week and 2 days away and i get to see Les Miserables on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gee, i hope that's enough excitement for you. "i'm hysterical! i'm hysterical!.....I'M WET! i'm wet and hysterical!"- for those of you who know what i'm talking about. for the rest of you....too bad. you should watch more TV. ok, i'm outie! actually one more thing.....could you all send HUGE prayers my way?? the next few weeks promise to be HIGHLY stressful school and life-wise. gee thanks!