Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What's New?

Dear Readers,
LOVE. i realized that i'm totally in love with the idea of love. in all it's forms, i love LOVE. i also realized that i have a habit of living vicariously through my friends happiness. is it supreme desire for that in my life? or is it true empathy? or perhaps a little of both?
oh, and by the way....i apologize for the randomness of this post: i've just had a lot of thoughts and emotions running, swimming and erupting in my mind these past few weeks, so here's the result.
the one thing i LOVE about Texas(and it IS the only thing so far) is it's open sky. i know it's the same sky and all, but you can see so much more of it down here! and i know you all think i'm some sort of sky freak, but it's amazing how free it can make you feel!
- i think Lent this year is going to be REALLY good. i'm really pumped for it, and i only hope that this pumped feeling lasts longer than tomorrow. =) my goal is to get in shape this Lent: spiritually and physically.
- i decided i'm gonna try and take charge a little more. more for myself than anyone else, but who knows? i'm gonna really try and take life by the horns and really LIVE. i want people to say at my funeral, "gee....that woman really knew how to enjoy life!"
- i'm sitting in on a Jane Austen class at UD and i am LOVING it!!! Jane Austen really is much more clever than most people give her credit for these days. plus, my teacher is like the Dr. Izzo of Jane Austen and she just makes it a joy to be in her class.
- i'm also thinking of taking cosmotology classes and calligraphy classes(with Ruthie) too. to expand my horizons and also to keep us busy. =)
- today is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! i know most of you will hate me when i say this, but it MUST be said: it's about 70 degrees and wonderfullly breezy today!!! truly a day meant to be spent outside!

ok, i'm outtie and out!

my love to you all and gratitude for the prayers!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

True Love RIP

Dear readers,

I don't mean to be depressing or anything, but i would like to take this post and honor my hero, my superman/batman/spiderman/robin hood/any other super hero: my dad. I'm doing this today for two reasons: first, because it was on this day last year that my dad disappeared. and second....because i can think of no one man who has exemplified pure and simple love more to me in his life than him. i think he is the best example of St. Therese's Little Way(other than herself, of course). He was a walking contradiction of stubbornness and humility that....just....worked. He wasn't a big social butterfly, but he was the kind of man who made you feel special and really good inside, just by saying "Hello". He was a perfectionist, and as such....only laughed at his own jokes. =) but when he laughed.....well, let's just say that's where my laugh comes from. =) he was the epitome of a childlike faith, so innocent, so trusting, and yet....so firm. i don't think a day passed where i didn't see him with his rosary in hand, praying. not to mention daily mass. he took GREAT pride in his work, and considered it not only a job, but an art form. for him it was work AND a release of creativity. he was one of those rare people who still have a twinkle in their eye. he knew most everyone in the Ann Arbor area, and even if he didn't know you, he still would say hi to everyone he crossed paths with.
my one regret is that i didn't get to say goodbye. so.....here's my attempt now:
I love you Dad, and i miss you so much.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


and there you have it. my Christmas break in pictures. I'll try and find something to update about soon. hopefully it won't take too long. =P