Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things of random.

Dear readers,

I realize that most of you who used to be faithful readers, after almost two years, don't even check this anymore. However, lack of an audience never daunted other authors before, nor should I be the one to break that tradition. Not to mention it has always been my disposition that things are better left said than unsaid, if one has alot to say. not be alarmed that I have alot to say and so therefore you should fetch your favorite slippers and get comfortable. Nay nay......I doubt what I have to say will take more than a few short paragraphs. But perhaps if I can add bullcrap as I have been able to do in this introduction alone, it might end up being a bit more.

*deep breath* goes:

Well, ALOT has happened in the past year and a half. I DID in fact quit my job down in Texas, but for better reasons than my previous rant would suggest. In fact, I find that I owe the Reads and Texas a huge favor, if only in the discovery through them of what I do NOT want. But I must also add that it WAS while working with Ruthie, taking her to Physical Therapy, that I decided that PT was my destiny. "Haha.....destiny? come now, be real!", you might say. However, I truly believe that I was made to practice physical therapy. And seeing as this is the first thing in my life that I am TRULY convicted about and from which NOTHING would deter me, I think I can say that I am honestly destined to be a PTA. So.....hence there was alot of entreaties on the Reads end for me to stay, but I was firm and booked my flight home. I appreciate leaving now so much, because I've realized that the more I leave, the nicer it is to come home and be with my family. Not that my family and I don't get's just that I am able to appreciate them much more, having been away. That being said, I tend to stay too long and that lovely forgiving view fades away with time.

Skip forward a year. I am now finished with prerequisites and have decided that Chicago, while lovely, is *not* where I am supposed to be. Not to mention, I picked the worst time to not be in school and search for a temporary job that will pay enough for me to save. A novel idea for me, I know, but a necessary reality with the prospect of moving, a car, and more school in my future. Enter Starbucks. I know I know, they support everything bad and are well-versed in extortion. However, they are pretty much the only company in Ann Arbor who hire for temporary positions while offering insurance if one works more than 20 hours a week. which is what one was planning on doing anyways. So in July of 2008, I joined the multimillion dollar corporation and became known as a fullfledged "barista".....a modern term for "slave". It's true, with a smile and a joy that most Starbucks managers have yet to come across in a "newbie", I entered ranks. It is.....truly detailed people can be about a simple cup of coffee. It also amazes me that anyone would be rude to, complain about to their face, or disrespect someone who is MAKING YOUR DRINK. I shudder to think of the number of people who have unknowingly drunk someone else's spit. That's right, I said SPIT. because let me tell is only through my AMAZING self control, that I haven't spit in anyone's drink. The thought of throwing their hot drink in their face has also crossed my mind. In case you've never thought about this, and have on occasion been a bitch, I give you this advice......just don't. Your baristas/servers/whoever CAN and WILL get you back for every jab or rudeness. What do you think we think about in between customer lines or on our days off?? OUR JOB CONSUMES US IN A VERY NASTY WAY. on the bright side however, I really love interacting with the people, especially if they're nice. Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but talking to tons of people throughout the day is like crack to me. I get a high from it. Honestly. And it has been a TON of fun learning how to make all the million different kinds of coffee drinks, and make them well. I never thought I would see the day when I would get so excited about "good foam". trust me....there is a HUGE difference between good foam and bad foam, looks AND taste.

But enough about Starbucks. I'm in California for the first time in my LIFE!!! Let me just say right now so I can get it off my chest: No trip is ever free. And I mean that in so many different ways. But for the past three days I've been in Heaven, staying @ Mary Twaddle's(a good friend from school) condo in Laguna Beach. heard me right.....I said LAGUNA BEACH! and no, I don't watch those silly shows, but it's exciting nevertheless! I am very easily entertained and amused and yes, my mom was amazing at teaching me to never lose my sense of wonder. Not only that, but my brother is on his way to pick me up and show me LA!!! The funny thing is, is that I'll be excited to come home. California is a beautiful place, but I don't want to live here, oddly enough. My sister Christina, on the other hand, NEEDS to move here. "Well, it'll be nice then for you to be home soon.", you say. Not so......I go home a day and a half from now, only to be home for a few days, then off again on another adventure! This time, however, I'm staying in the midwest and visiting MN. Good friends, awesome city, and a meeting with a fantastic school await me there.

Oh goodness, there are just times when my heart swells and it's SO GOOD to be alive!!! those moments come and go, but they happen enough to where it makes the other times more endurable. I spend my days wavering between the view that life is this scheduled, monotonous daily regime and all I have to do is get through it and the view that life is this crazy exciting winding road with new adventures just brimming over with fun are around every bend. So right now, I'm going to let you all go and I'm going to savor the sweetness of this moment and thank God for it, for I think we don't ever just stop to thank Him enough. Goodnight, and who knows?? perhaps this is a good start to a more regular posting habit.

......we'll see. =)

Ps. because I think that every author should always have a postscript about something, here's mine: I just realized that I didn't tell you why I chose the title I did. Let's see if you can figure it out......=P