Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prayer Request

ok....for all you who read this forsaken little blog.....Please pray as hard as possible for John Klobe's dad. They just found out that he does in fact have Lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymph nodes. So.....we need to storm Heaven, and get everyone we know to help us intercede for John and his dad and family. Thanks so much and i'll try and update again soon!

Monday, July 10, 2006

the Uber Uber update

hey everyone! sorry that i haven't posted in awhile. good excuse: i don't have internet! so....every once in awhile i get to use my mom's computer, so here i am!
just so you know what's been going's the last few months in retrospect:
May: crazy fun living in my very own apt. with megs and waiting for tree to come home.
June: mom's b-day, Jacob and Mary's wedding, my other friend's wedding, Asia's b-day, tons of running around, got a job as a tutor teaching random rules of English and writing to our friend's kids.
July: started out on a very good note going to the wadle's for the 4th! it was....*sigh* Incrediblimissime!!!! sublime awesomeness. got to see old and new ave friends for a few days. will be going to NY for family vacation the day after my birthday....will be 22 in 5 days!!!! weird. and hopefully i'll be going to the Art Fair and a concert when i come back.
For the Fall: i'm looking into nanny or personal assistant jobs in L.A. for a year or two, just for a change of pace and please pray hard and come visit!!!!
ok, gotta run! hope everyone's summers are going well!!!