Friday, April 20, 2007

No More.

what's the point of this thing?
i mean....i rarely ever write on it (sorry everyone!) and when i do....Brendon's the only one who cares. (thanks brendon!!!) and what i write is not really that interesting. at least....not as interesting as the stuff i come up with in the middle of the night. but who gets up in the middle of the night to write a blog post and waste precious sleeping time?? NO ONE. Ergo.....i just probably won't be writing that much on this blog anymore. however, as my closing note, i would like to say a few things.

first, these last two weeks after Easter have been fabulous! in so far as the making of new wonderful friends was top-notch. =) It's kinda making me sad to leave! or at's making it more difficult. and confusing. least i have one more month with them!

secondly, i am disappointed yet again. maybe my standards are too high? perhaps i am too spoiled by the riches of REAL Catholicism? or maybe i'm just too contrary for TX? whatever the root may be....the fact remains that i am disappointed. "In what?" you say. well, allow me to explain: So, yesterday was Thursday so i prepared to go to adoration at St. Rita's as they have weekly adoration and i was trying to make a habit of it. I got all excited and ended up, through various reasons, being a little bit late. and the way they do it is to have the first 1/2 hour be a reading, a responsorial psalm, the gospel, and a homily; with the last 1/2 hour being silent meditation and then ending with benediction. so i showed up as the lady was finishing the reading. that's when it all happened.
after the reading, this lady got up and instead of reading a psalm, she ended up reading some "love the earth" letter or something. as if that wasn't enough to make me start questioning...the deacon got up and instead of reading the gospel and THEN giving his homily....he went straight to the homily and started talking about how we need to take better care of the earth. now, i'm not saying that that is necessarily a bad thing, i think we SHOULD take better care of it, but why was it a homily/meditation in ADORATION??? couldn't they just write a notice in the bulletin? now, you might think that that was it. WRONG! it got worse. after his "homily"....he had everyone follow him in chanting, almost like a responsorial psalm, "we join with the earth, and with each other". what the HECK??????? is anyone else gettin' red flags going up?? well, at that point i just got up and left. i'm sorry....if they're gonna turn adoration into some sort of hippie commune, feel-good, join-with-the-earth field day, then i'm out.

so much for St. Rita's.

in other better news....Theo Ferrant is down visiting us this weekend.....YAY!!!! i didn't realize until i saw her, how much i miss having her around. i love the Ave community. you guys(and girls) ROCK!!!